Saturday, November 3, 2012

The weekend is here and I have some fabric from Mood NYC

Fabric from Mood in NYC.....

Yes, I did it, I went to the Mood website and ordered some fabric.  It had to be shipped to my mom in Arizona and then sent to me since shipping to Alaska was unbelievably expensive.  I had canceled the order when I saw the shipping cost but then grew so sad that I ordered it again and went with shipping to Alaska via Arizona (Thanks Mom!)

One piece is wool that is chocolate brown on one side and black on the other.  It is a medium weight wool and incredibly soft.  This created the most wonderful opportunity to get creative.  I decided to make a long reversible coat with a modified flat felled seam.  It is a slow process but it goes something like this:

Baste a stitching line along all of the seam allowances.  Overlap the pieces together so there will be one side of the seam allowance on the top and the other on the bottom.  Then press them in opposite directions so that the black lays against the brown, and vice-versa on the other side.  Turn under the seam allowance, carefully pin and top stitch.

It is a little tricky to get everything even and straight but with each seam, I am getting a better technique.  Which is good because the curved bodice is my next seam.

I will add another photo when a few more pieces are put together...unless it is a disaster.  Then I will post the cute small jacket that I will make from the scraps--no!!

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