Monday, June 4, 2012

It isn't easy for me to sit still, not that I am hyper, I just have lots of ideas in my head and I want to try them all-right now.  This blog is just another activity that I wondered about.  It requires some sitting, so this is good for me.

Today I have to go to a meeting for the whole day....and I have to sit still as best I can and be thoughtful.  Being thoughtful is fun for me but if a thought gets repeated too much during the meeting, I start to lose control of the "sitting still" thing.  Then my leg starts bouncing or my socks start getting itchy and I have to find something to distract myself.  A great distraction is my summer projects.  I can sort through my inventory of fabric in my mind and then start designing projects, making alterations and throwing them away without lifting a finger.  It's a handy skill.  If only I could sew as quickly in real life as I can in my mind...or maybe I don't want that.  There is something so satisfying about slowly laying the fabric out and the sound of the scissors vibrating against the table top as I cut.  I love the hot puff of the steam from the iron too.  Then there is my sewing machine.  My dear friend that can see me through the toughest times.  My summer projects should unfold slowly like drinking iced tea on a front porch swing but better because I won't have to sit still.

Here's to summer projects!  Cheers!

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